Letter from the Founder

Dear Friends,

As a practicing attorney, I have come to understand that for many years, the legal marketplace has relied on an outdated and antiquated business model—one that was designed to protect the interests of the traditional legal professional establishment by limiting competition and transparency.  This traditional model has never benefited ordinary individuals and small business in need of legal assistance; such clients have always faced trouble identifying a qualified attorney, determining how much the provision of legal services will cost for the particular need, and ultimately whether that cost is competitive.

What’s more, the traditional legal business model doesn’t work to the advantage of most of the attorneys practicing outside of well-known, established law firms, especially in the current saturated legal market.  Attorneys outside these established law firms face difficult barriers in obtaining new clientele, especially new attorneys or attorneys in non-traditional environments without permanent office space and access to significant advertising budgets.

I created Jurup because it is high time that attorneys and potential clients had a forum for matching the legal projects of individuals and small businesses with qualified attorneys—one that serves attorneys by allowing them to access a universe of potential clients with a present need for an attorney, and one that serves clients by eliminating the uncertainty of cost and attorney expertise.

I created Jurup to provide a solution to these problems that would benefit attorneys and clients alike.

I am excited about the future of the legal services market, and hope you agree that Jurup is a big step in the right direction of providing legal services for the best of us.


Thaddeus Hackworth

Founder of Jurup

Legal Services For The Best Of Us.